"It was either too expensive or the quality/design just wasn't there."

We believe elevated, modern design should be accessible. And wanted to give the modern women a brand that they can trust for the right design, quality, and price. 


The Story 

Our founder, Angela Gahng worked as a merchandiser for contemporary and luxury brands in New York City including Club Monaco and Loewe, a brand a part of the LVMH Fashion Group. She noticed that high quality, modern styles were not offered at a competitive price in the retail space. There were too many brands in the market but it was either too expensive or the quality/design just wasn't there. 

From both a consumer and as an industry professional, she created Almina Concept to provide a brand that women could trust for contemporary wardrobe pieces. "High quality shouldn’t be unaffordable, so we cut out the middle men and work directly with factories to offer the right price to our customers." She also focuses on creating a well-balanced curated assortment so it is not an overcrowded site with too many styles. 

Almina Concept illustrates our founder's minimal and modern sensibility. Almina design's all incorporate sophisticated and classic design details, creating unique but timeless pieces. It's the direct to consumer brand we've all been looking for. 


Social Responsibility/ Sustainability 

We produce all our pieces in Seoul, South Korea. We work with mom and pop factories that have 20-30 years of experience in sewing. Passed on from generation to generation, they are skilled craftsmen who produce high quality garments. The factories all have good working conditions and aim to eliminate the amount of waste. 

Plastic, we aim to reduce the amount of plastic here at Almina Concept. Instead of poly shipping bags we use paper mailers and boxes. And instead of wrapping the clothes in plastic we aim to wrap the garments in tissue paper.